Chinese Restaurant Menus – Menu Design and Printing Tips to Beat the Competition

If you own a Chinese restaurant and are thinking about printing new menu designs to boost your sales, you must use your customer knowledge and smart design practices to be successful. Many Chinese restaurants use flyer printing services to help increase their sales and also to increase customer interest in surrounding areas. Even if you no not offer take out services, you can still benefit from Chinese menu printing designed to increase sales. Both dine-in and take out menus can really benefit your business when paired with an effective distribution method.

Design Your Chinese Menu to Beat the Competition – 4 Easy Tips:

1.      Include both Chinese and English translations in your new menu design. It may be beneficial for you to use two separate menus – a separate version for those who speak English and Chinese. Not only does this make your restaurant feel more authentic for all customers, it also makes things much easier for your Chinese customers who may not understand the English translations of your menu. This simple adjustment will automatically broaden your target audience thus increasing your new customer potential and sales.

2.      Include high-resolution pictures of your Chinese dishes that are “hot sellers” and unpopular products. This will show people how great your food looks on familiar dishes, as well as introduce them to some of your more profitable, yet less popular dishes at the same time. You can also offer “Meal Deals” in your menu choice for both dine-in and take out customers. When people are ordering Chinese food, they tend to be in a group or as a couple, so make sure you consider these various types of situations to help encourage people to purchase from you. Special offers and coupon deals are another great way to increase your sales order total and make your customers happy at the same time. Imagine what an extra five dollars per order could do for your business!

3.       Make sure you focus on your business branding properly. Include your logo, mascot imagery, and clear and concise typography to ensure customers easily recognize your brand. Even if customers do not order from you immediately, your brand should be memorable and the flyer design should reflect the same style and coloring as your branding. This ensures that the next time they order Chinese food, they will remember your flyer and dig it out to specifically make an order with your business and not your competition.

4.      Don’t cut corners with your Chinese menu printing. There are lots of ways you can save money on your printing bill, such as bulk orders, and using an online printing company, but you don’t need to compromise on your printing quality or color to get a good deal. Chinese color menu printing is essential to getting a good customer response, so make sure your menus are in full color and printing to a high standard of quality. Use an online printer with low prices, helpful service, and samples of previous Chinese menus that they can show you.